New Port Coaching

New Port Coaching


How might I better play this hand?

Very few questions even compare in value to this one

Sometimes unbelievable, always unexpected forces beyond our control influence the hands we are dealt and the results of our choices and yet persons who, win or lose in any particular instance, consistently, relentelssly ask - "how could I have played" and "how could I play this hand better?" move forward.  More often they make it from harbors that are no longer safe - or too safe - to new ports, to greater achievement, influence and most importantly contribution.

It never gets easy, but we are far more likely to consistently ask ourselves these questions in the midst of a conversation with someone who knows the value of these questions and relentlessly asks other questions that build toward these important ones.  A person who can push when we say the first thing that comes to mind, which is usually, "I don't know."  A person who can ask at the next meeting, "how well did you stick to the plan to play the hand better and what happened?"  Persons who do this are coaches.  I am one.

If you would like to experience what this kind of conversation is like, reach me at and we will set an appointment.  Let us get you moving toward your new port.