Rex McDaniel

I am Rex McDaniel.  My father was a wandering Missourian. He went down to the South Pacific with the United States Marines in 1942. Jack had his back in the foxhole, so when the war was over he married Jack's sister Betty. I am their first child, the first in any known branch of my family to graduate from college. In the humor of God I was drawn into the family of Christian faith, baptized and nurtured at the San Clemente Presbyterian Church. I met my wife, of 44 years now,  at the Glendale Presbyterian Church while we were in college (me at Occidental, she at Glendale CC). Along the way we raised two children, now grown, married, raising their daughters, earning their bread and striking blows for beauty and truth whenever they can. 

Toddlers playing

 I was spared the full consequences of unspeakable folly and vanity in over forty years of pastoral ministry from which I retired in March of 2016.  I hope you will click on the buttons on this site to see some of the things I am doing these days, building, coaching, producing, writing.  (In addition I practice blues harp playing and get high being “Boompah” to our granddaughters.) I amount to pretty much nothing, and yet routinely someone needs a witness or to tell a story or to move something or to build something and here I am. Life is thick and rich.

Rex at Desiderio Project