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 Otter Story Coaching


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Have you* ever been asked or tasked to:

give a toast, give an introduction, give a eulogy, give a pep talk, give a sermon, give a pitch for an idea, give an inaugural or final address as an official or office of a club or association and are you wanting some help to prepare and deliver the message powerfully?

*Or….you may be subjected to someone giving one of these messages and be convinced they could use some help.  Send them to this site!!!


 Otter Story Coaching is a  service for must and/or want to be moving communicators. 


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I have shared wonderful experiences collaborating with folks preparing to tell their stories - see the quotes below.   You bring the raw material and I will help you shape it into a moving message. First we get the skeleton (structure) then we flesh it out (get the key events/ideas into sentences) and then we finish up with wardrobe, hair and makeup (key words, timing, body language, voice).  Put it all together and you will be ready to stand and deliver a moving message.

If you are ready to take hold of and offer the precious material from your life, just click on the client intake form, fill it out and send it.

I am extremely fortunate to have Rex McDaniel as my guide and coach on my journey to becoming a terrific storyteller. Rex showed me how to properly craft a story that quickly connects with audiences. His feedback is always thoughtful and accurate, making my story a little more enchanting and a lot more engaging. And I am better storyteller for it.
— Pamela M
I tell people often that learning to speak in public was one of the most life changing skills that I have ever acquired. On a professional level, it allowed me to start my first business (http://archubpnh.com/) because I was finally able to communicate to large and small groups of people with confidence. On a personal level, it greatly reduced the anxiety I felt about talking in public, which I’ve felt since I was a child. On my first visit to a Toastmasters event, at the height of my nervousness about public speaking, Rex generously offered to spend time giving me advice for my first speech. As I practiced communicating, Rex listened fully with kindness and intent before offering practical and supportive advice that resulted in a great story and a great step up for me.
— Ki Chong T
Rex has a gift for teaching people to become better public speakers. He has helped me craft three speeches for crowds ranging from 20 to 300. He guided me through creating speeches with a focused message and made suggestions to engage my audience from start to end.
— Daniel